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an intimate georgetown wedding

// nikki & jason

//may 2014

I first met Jason a few years ago when a friend asked me to shoot his band's show at a local D.C. bar. A few months later, I met his girlfriend Nikki when we were in Puerto Rico for (ironically enough) a wedding. I got to know them personally on that trip and it struck me how close of a couple they were. So comfortable with one another.

Fast forward a few years and they get in touch with me because they were getting married. Jason and Nikki had a small private ceremony, however, they asked me to shoot a small gathering of family in Washington, D.C. The family met for cocktails at the famous Watergate and then walked to the Four Seasons for dinner in Georgetown.

I was excited to shoot for Nikki & Jason but it was personally challenging because I wanted to deliver nice portraits of the couple. Because it wasn't your traditional day-long event, we only had the time it took to walk from the Watergate to the Four Seasons to capture a few intimate moments of the newlyweds. I think the moments I was able to shoot captured the intimacy of the evening perfectly.

Nikki got emotional when they got her family from out of town on Facetime to congratulate her from afar.

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